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International students should arrive on the days of registration indicated on the Admission Notice and try not to arrive ahead or behind schedule. If you fail to arrive on time because of the flight delays or for other reasons, you can check-in at the general reception of the International student dormitory which is open 24 hours every day. For the detailed registration procedure, students can refer to the following guide:

1. Register in International Education College with your Admission Notice and other relevant required documents;

2. Have your passport and required documents checked and hand in the copies of required documents;

3. Get the “Registration Procedures Form for International Students”;

4. Submit insurance certificate and Students without insurances must purchase the "Comprehensive Insurance for Foreigners" after registration;

5. Register for accommodation;

6. Self-supported students shall pay the tuition and the accommodation fee and Scholarship /exchange students shall directly sign in;

7. Complete “New Students Information form”, Obtain “Start-up arrangements”, and Campus Map;

8. Register at the department/school you are admitted to with the "letter of admission";

9. Get the syllabus and select the courses guided by the staff of your college;

10. Full scholarship students shall open an account at ICBC for monthly allowance;

11.  Have your physical check-up and visa (Resident Permit) done in valid time.

i) The students holding X visa shall register at Shanghai Exit-Entry Administration Bureau and get Residence Permit within 30 days upon entry.

ii) The students holding F visa and going to stay in China for more than half a year shall get the Residence Permit  before the visa expires.

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