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The Dedication Ceremony for Confucius Statue was Held at SMU

On the morning of December 28, the Dedication Ceremony for Confucius Statue was held at Lingang Campus of SMU. Prof. Kong Fancun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of SMU, leaders from relative departments, alumni representatives from Driving Class 832 together with representatives of Confucius clan attended the ceremony and jointly unveiled statue of Confucius.

The statue of Confucius was donated by SMU alumni of Driving Class 832. Mr. Zhou Jianping on behalf of his class made a statement. He said that the cultivation of SMU helped shape the seafarers’s personality and will. Such donation was not only an expression of gratitude and returning nurturing, but also that of a hope that SMU students for generations would inherit and carry forward excellent traditional culture left by ancestors and focus on the quality of training, being thankful and understanding paying back and thus make great contributions to the national shipping industry.

Prof. Kong Fancun on behalf of SMU thanked the alumni of Driving Class 832 for their donation. He noted that Confucius, the founder of Confucian school was a sign of Chinese traditional culture, whose ideas was either historical or cross-time. Erecting the statue of Confucius in front of COSCO library would not only benefit to establish sound campus culture and motivate SMU students to carry forward Chinese traditional culture, but beautify the surroundings as well as promote SMU culture grade. He expected all the teachers practice the teaching spirit of “instructing others indefatigably”, putting their heart and soul into educating and cultivating, while the students inherit the spirit of “enjoy learning” and look for fun from their study, being willing to learn, being good at learning, aim high and contributing to our country.

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