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Residence Permit Application

Residence Permit
Students with X visa must apply for a residence permit within 30 days of entering China. Applications for residence permits must be made to Exit-Entry Administration Shanghai Public Security Bureau. (Students applying for the first time shall go through the formalities in person.)

Address: 1500, Minsheng Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 9:00 – 17:00

The following documents are necessary for the application for a residence permit:
(1)the originals of the valid passport and visa;
(2)the originals of the letter of Admission of the university;
(3)the second page of JW202 Visa application forms;
(4)the original of the Health Certificate (《健康合格证》) issued by Shanghai Exit-Entry Inspection and Quarantine Administration;
(5)visa application sponsorship letter (provided by SMU) (外国籍学生办证申请函);
(6)one recent 2-inch half-length, bareheaded and full-face photograph;
(7)800RMB processing fee for one to three years
(8)Temporary Residence registration form (临时住宿登记表) (only for students staying off-campus, available at the closest police station).

Residence permit and visa costs and time requirements

1、The residence permit valid for one year costs 400 RMB; the one valid for one to three years costs 800 RMB; the one valid for three to five years will cost 1000 RMB.
2、The cost for re-entry visas will be based on the agreements between China and the home country of the applicant.
3、The time needed to process an application for a residence permit is approximately five (5) working days. (The bureau has 6 working days a week, from Monday to Saturday).

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