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Deposit: 200USD

International students on new campus and old campus will be accommodated in international students dormitory, building 62 and Gaoheng Mansion, respectively. It is under the management of the International Education College. Students are also allowed to rent off-campus, however, the costs of on-campus housing is more affordable.

The reception is on duty 24 hours and the staffs are experienced in providing services to foreign students. Each room is equipped with a bath, a direct-dial telephone, an air-conditioner and Internet connection. International students should pay the bill of ultra-generated water and electricity and gas individually.

If you need a dormitory on campus, room reservations should be made when applying. The accommodation fees of the dormitories are paid per semester and will not be refunded if you leave before the end of the semester.

Accommodation Fee (Lingang Campus)


Room Rate(RMB)


3 double-room in one suite


A telephone(phone bill not included), internet access, an air-conditioner, a refrigerator, a bathroom and a closet

2 double-room in one suite


Double Room


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