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My name is Fabio Piraquive Puerto, one of the international students in Anhui University of Finance and Economics (AUFE). I come from Colombia; a small country located in South America, so far away from home. At the moment, I’m studying Product Design and Management, as well as Chinese Language; program which lasts 1 year. The language has been a hard challenge but it’s not impossible, besides most of the students here are glad to help in my studies.On the Campus, I can find everything that I need; there are two big cafeterias,2 supermarkets, banks, hairdresser, a play ground, a swimming pool, billiards, telephone companies and a small hospital. And the Campusis quite near to downtown.  

The location of the University is quite convenient, just 2 hours by fasttrain is Shanghai and approximately 4 hours by fast train is Beijing.

The University organizes some cultural and social activities such asthe "English corner" which is a space to practice English and make friends; it’s a great chance to meet people.

I’m so happy to be here and I’d like to live in China for a couple of years.

Jenny Ladino

When I took the decision to come to China I knew that my life will change but I couldn’t imagine such a big difference, this country has many opportunities to grow up in different ways just I need have the enthusiasm, interest to do the things and be open mind because the culture give me a lot of lesson since I arrive here. About the AUFE I can say that here I’m learning a lot. The program gives me the opportunity to see more points of view about how to create and think in business and the real life, the teachers are professionals and they help me in any moment that I need. But the most important are the friends that I’m making here they are friendly, generous, and helpful and why not they are really kind persons.Finally I can say that this experience is unique in my life and I am really enjoying it!

Silvana Araoz-Fraser

My name is Silvana Araoz-Fraser I’m 23 years old and I am a Colombian art student. I’ve been living in China for around eight months now, studying in AUFE. It has been an amazing journey in which I had learn about myself and I had seen some of the most beautiful and stunning places in planet earth, like the Yellow Mountain and the Great Wall. Thanks to the very convenient Chinese train system and the affordable prices, you can have a good sightseeing around the country.

I’ve meet interesting people which in their different way of showing love and care had teach me the importance of tolerance and the beauty of difference,is very refreshing to see myself in a place so far from home and realizing the vast amount of things that I have to share and I’m willing to learn. This nation is full of creative and business opportunities and is also wrapped in a giant mystery, hidden in the small details and in the fascinating language.

Sebastian Cano

The university opens the doors for people that want to improve themselves.When you are here, you realize how great is the environment, how helpful are the teachers, and how nice are the people of China. The academic level is really high, and the life becomes one of the most enriched experiences in your life. Chinese people are warm, and always friendly with foreigners. The culture here has a lot of values that make you feel at home.

Make the decision and come to study in Anhui University of Finance and Economics.

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